19 November 2009

Air Canada is going to start charging extra for preferred seats

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Well folks it's hit North America and I fair warned you! Paying for premium seating on your next airline flight is in your near future. Air Canada is going to charge you to be a little more comfortable on their flights! It's only a matter of time before the US carriers do the same! Exit row seating or bulk head seat assignments are the primary seats that are preferred and sought after.

So as we cruise into this holiday season, keep your ears and eyes open for added charges when making your next flight arrangements because there may be some added fees!

From what I can tell so far this fee is only added (your charged) if you "choose" to sit in the exit rows or wherever the airline designates a preferred seating location. If your just automatically assigned upon check-in you will not be charged. I will break down the seating advantages at a later time and date because it can be somewhat lengthy!

Just an FYI for things to come this holiday season!!!

Remember to "Be Proactive, Not Reactive" and Enjoy Your Flight!!!

The Canadian Press
Date: Friday Nov. 13, 2009
MONTREALAir Canada has been busy spending lots of cash on stuff like iPhone Apps, in-flight WiFi, and snazzy software for your Blackberry. This stuff all costs money, and like all other airlines, the money probably isn’t just pouring in up in Canada.

So the country’s flagship carrier is opening up the fee and charge toolbox in hopes of finding a good way to boost revenue. Air Canada is going to start charging extra for preferred seats with extra legroom including emergency exit rows and bulkhead seats.

Fees start at $14 per one-way trip for those wanting specific exit rows or bulkhead seats at the front of airplane sections.

Costs will vary by length of flight, fare class purchased and the customer's Aeroplan status. Fees can be waived or reduced depending on a number of factors including fare class purchased or a traveler’s status with the airline.

However, for most of us, this means that we are going to need to open up the wallet yet again at the airport. All these fees are certainly getting old, but we love airplanes and where they take us, so we’ll just have to ask for a second piggy bank for Christmas this year.

The service will be available on any Air Canada or Jazz flight.
Canada's largest airline is attempting to find $500 million in additional revenue and cost savings as part of its effort to improve its profitability.

It wasn't immediately clear how much money is expected to be raised from the new fees.


Anonymous said...

Where have you been? Charging for "better" seats has been done by severl US and foreign carriers for a year or so now. If anything, Air Canada seems to be charging only for 1-2 rows, others charge for all forward aisle/window seats.

BlkAv8tor2003 said...

Anonymous, Thanks for the comment!

I have been touting this very thing since the real downturn of the airline industry since 2000.

This would also include the airline industry is moving in the directions of the 1960's style of travel, coats, hats and purses and little or no carry-on!

I have blogged on this before and the Air Canada "charge" for prime seating is new to North America and not all US carriers charge for prime seating yet.

Just some ailines are dabbling with it but it's not truly across the board like baggage charges per piece in addition to amount of bags and weight.

Thanks again for the comments and I try to be a little more clear in my blogging and add a little more detail!


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