11 November 2009

Pilot charged after UK airport arrest

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Well this is again a sad move on the part of a professional airline pilot. Drinking and flying or at least almost is wrong in all senses of the words! Do I hear true alcoholic in the cockpit? Well if that is the case he should have gotten help along time ago. I'm happy that this was not found out in flight. I hope this captain gets the help he needs! I don't condone what he did especially with what a pilot has to go through to obtain a pilots license, ratings and of course the coolest dream job on the planet!

I'm glad that an employee reported it and although this is very serious at least it didn't turn out as an accident. This gives pilots a bad name and not all pilots do something this stupid! If he can't control himself after drinking on a layovers then he should not be doing it! (said from experience and self control on layovers)

As a pilot and former flight attendant, who all follow the same strict alcohol rules I think we are held to a higher standard because what we do can harm many people. Our careless disregard for others is not acceptable and it's our job to help main the safety of our passengers!

I hope he gets the help he needs and hasn't thrown away what took a lifetime of sacrafice to obtain!

Remember to "Be Proactive, Not Reactive" and enjoy your flight!


LONDON, England (CNN) -- British police said they stopped a United Airlines pilot from flying while intoxicated earlier this week, pulling him from a Boeing 767 aircraft before boarding plane, police say at London's Heathrow airport and charging him with being on duty while his blood-alcohol level was over the limit.

Scotland Yard said that Erwin Vermont Washington, 51, was taken off the plane just before take-off Monday. Washington, of Lakewood, Colorado, has since been released on bail.
United spokeswoman Megan McCarthy said that "the pilot has been removed from service" during an investigation.

The departure to Chicago was "imminent", with 124 passengers on board and 11 members of crew, when police arrived at the airport.
Passengers were put on to other planes after the flight was cancelled but they were not told the real reason why.

A source said the pilot was on board the Boeing 767 when he was told that police wanted to speak to him. He was then breath-tested once he was off the plane, out of view of the passengers.
A BAA Heathrow spokesman said: "He was reported to police by United Airlines staff. I believe departure was imminent."

"United's alcohol policy is among the strictest in the industry, and we have no tolerance for violation of this well-established policy," she said. Megan McCarthy says the pilot has been "removed from service" during investigation.

Washington remains in the United Kingdom, Scotland Yard said.

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Cirrocumulus said...

It's just over a year since United's last drink arrest at Heathrow:
click here

It happens a few times a year at UK airports, usually to North American pilots. That suggests it's happening to inexperienced drinkers. There's no need for it: if you've been drinking, stay away from the airport and say you've got Norwalk virus. For all our sakes!

Meanwhile, the man's innocent unless he's proved guilty. This one wasn't:
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