18 November 2009

Animated Video With Audio Tracks of US Airways 1549 Crash In The Hudson River

Hello All BlkAv8tor2003 Checking In!!!

Here is why pilots love what they do and how cool and level headed they are during an emergency! This is professional airmanship at it's finest and I think all pilots strive for in aviation excellence!!!

Good job to exosphere3d for their work on this video!

Remember to be "Proactive and not Reactive" and enjoy your flight!!!



This video presents the alternate audio tracks and does so by splitting to L and R channels. The audio presented is: LaGuardia ATCT Cab Coordinator, LaGuardia ATCT South Terminal Control, New York TRACON South Control, and Teterboro ATCT Local Control positionRadar data is displayed in the upper right quadrant with aircraft identification and altitude (100's of feet).

The audio transcripts of the aforementioned audio tracks are displayed on screen for nearly all communications from the mentioned audtio recordings. Continuity is maintained with the audio transcript display, however the audible tracks are faded in and out and selected based on perceived importance to the accident timeline.

This combination of information is not a likely candidate for final presentation because of information overload. However, it does illustrate the usefulness and capabilities of a fully integrated reconstruction technique.

Alternate Video Link

Flight 1549 Alternate Audio, Multi-Perspective Composite Animation

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