06 November 2009

Bird Strike near Show Low, AZ Injures Pilot and Damages Aircraft

On 4 November 2009, an Ameriflight Beech C-99 aircraft (N330AV) was cruising at about 11,000 feet in the vicinity of Show Low, AZ (KSOW) when one or more birds struck the aircraft and penetrated the windscreen.

The pilot, who was the lone occupant of the cargo aircraft, sustained minor injuries to his face and shoulder and was able to land the aircraft without further incident at Show Low, AZ. The blood in the accompanying photos is from the bird.

Date: 04-NOV-2009
Time: 7:50am
Type: Beechcraft C99 Airliner (cargo mod.)
Operator: Ameriflight
Registration: N330AV
C/n / msn: U-230
Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 1
Airplane damage: Substantial
Location: In the vacinity of Show Low, AZ - United States of America
Phase: En route
Nature: Cargo
Departure airport: Phoenix - KPHX
Destination airport: Show Low - KSOW

Caution Pics May be considered graphic.

Photos by Mike Pflueger


keisha4 said...

With the left windscreen shattered, did he have to move to the right seat to land the plane? Cause it would've been really hard to see through a white-ish shattered glass.

BlkAv8tor2003 said...

Keisha, I spoke to a friend who flies for Ameriflight and he told me the pilot did not switch seats to continue the flight despite his injuries.

He did lean over on approach to keep inline with the center line and then apon landing he remained sitting in front of the open windshield through touchdown and rollout.

He did clean some of the blood from the bird off of the window opening so that he was not getting any bird matter in his face while at the higher speeds.

It was some good airmanship and he is to be commended!

Thanks for your comment! Keep on checking me out and fly safe!

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