16 May 2008

SouthWest Airlines Passenger Refuses To Hang Up Phone

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Hello all...Here we go again with passengers who feel they know better than the people doing the jobs. I got this from the Dallas Morning News and I feel for this passenger if the story is somewhat true. I don't always trust reporters when it comes to airline and aviation related stories but here is the reporters story. I'll see if I can get the byline to give the proper credit to the reporter. As usual my comments will come a little later on this one.

Dallas police met a Southwest Airlines plane at Dallas Love Field on Monday after flight staff reported that a passenger refused to stop using his mobile phone during the flight.The passenger 50, was cited for disorderly conduct, Dallas police said.The incident occurred during a Southwest flight from Austin to Dallas. “After multiple requests, the flight attendants were not successful in getting the passenger to get off the phone,” said Southwest spokeswoman Brandy King. According to a Dallas police report, flight attendants had asked Mr. Jones to turn off his cell phone and he responded with, "Kiss my ---." When asked again, he stated, "Kiss my ---. Not happening," the report said.He remained on the phone for about 20 minutes. The pilot radioed the incident to the Love Field tower and Dallas police were notified. Officers met Mr. Jones at the gate and he continued to "exhibit disorderly conduct," police said.Federal Aviation Administration regulations prohibit any use of mobile phones except when the aircraft is on the ground.Ms. King said airlines can be fined up to $25,000 if they permit mobile phone usage during a flight, and individuals also can face fines.“Our flight attendants asked for local authorities to meet the aircraft,” Ms. King said. “At that point, we stepped out of the way and left the matter to the local authorities.” Another self-righteous "the rules don't apply to me" passenger. Regardless of his views on mobile phones and safety, rules are rules.

Thanks, Dallas Morning News

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