16 May 2008

Airlines...What You Need To Know!!! Pt. 2

"BlkAv8tor Checking In!!!"

Well to continue where I left off and everything post is not in any particular order so do don't look for it like that...everything is just off the top of my head as I am typing and remembering what I wanted to say.
When you leave the house to take a trip (primarily non business travelers) tell yourself that you have a illness that requires you to take medication if you need it to function and lead a normal life. At this point take your medication out of your checked luggage even if you only need it once a day and have to take it "as needed". people who take medication should never separate themselves from any medication no matter how much you think you don't need it because that will be the one time your flight diverts to another city and you end up staying over night or longer with no meds and now you need a pharmacy or a doctor. If you don't believe me ask a person who has a physical disability (wheelchair) and see if when they fly they check their personal chair in so they can ride in one provided by the airline or airport. I don't think so!!! So if carrying meds means no DVD’s then invest in a book or magazine. Your meds have top priority!!!

Just like medication, if you have dietary restrictions or issues then remember them before you leave. Most people don't like the airline food that is served (except First Class/Business Class passengers) so if you have a low sodium diet, kosher, vegetarian, Low salt/No salt whatever the case may be! Bring your own food!!! Do not (DO NOT) depend on the airlines to feed you how you need to be fed. Also if you miss your flight, delays, cancelled you special meal request if you can get one is not going to follow you. Bring something that is easy to carry, minimal preparation to eat it and most important bring something you have had before and actual like it. An airplane ride across country is not the venue to because a food tester so go with what you know, it may be boring but think of it like this...most people who eat the same thing all the time are very seldom displeased with their choice and are happy or at least content with their choice.

Final thing to remember is "WHEN YOU WOKE UP THIS MORNING YOU WERE A VEGETARIAN, LOSALT/NOSALT, and REQUESTING KOSHER OR SOMETHING!!!" When you get on a plane you are not cured of all ailments!!! So pay attention to what your body needs and plan ahead and you won't have the stress of worrying about special concerns!!!
If you’re special in anyway outside of your bumbling persona take the extra time to plan ahead and plan to get stuck with no food or ability to get outside to a restaurant or grocery store, unfamiliar area and late at night arrival. Plan according to that and you she be ok but remember if it seems easy and uncomplicated is a whole lot better than being sick, hospital stays or being a cranky fool because your hungry and can't eat anything because there is nothing available to accommodate you. The airline has a contract that says their only job is to get you from point A to point B nothing more, everything after that is a privilege not a right!!!

See everyone with my next update to "Airlines...What You Need To Know!!!"

Keep The Blue Side Up!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008 at 02:32 PM

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