16 May 2008

Angry Flight Attendant Charged With Setting Fire in Airplane Bathroom

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I think it's safe to say the stresses of society is starting to get to people or somebody didn't think their choice of job selection through. As a former flight attendant, this is my take on this one. Fire his butt and whatever he get's as a punishment in court he deserves!!! When someone is hired to be a flight attendant the first day in training they tell you your going to miss parties, events, birthdays and major holidays until you gain some seniority. He must of been on some type of reserve status (on-call) and not a major line holder (set schedule). Don't think for a moment that when you have little or no seniority that your going to get the glamour trip at the start. Junior crew members sometimes get the "not so popular" trips. You have to be flexible and if you can't, then find another line of work. Now don't get me wrong but if you get creative as a junior flight attendant with your schedule bidding and the little ways to tweak your schedule you can do ok on reserve. Now people don't just become flight attendants because they went out drinkin' and then signed up. This is not the old movies of the days when guys get drunk and join the Army. It takes a certain type of person to become a flight attendant that makes a career at it and not just a "2 yr break from life job". He new what he was getting into before he was even in training! Eder your young, I think it was wrong of you to do this and put other peoples lives at risk. Calling in sick or quitting didn't cross your mind but burning or crashing the plane did??? Oh, the benefits are too good to quit, that's usually the case when some flight attendants problems off the plane carry over on board the plane. This can be perceived as a terrorist move of sorts but I don't think it will become an issue.
My friends this is why I say if your crew members are not happy when they get to you or they're having a bad day your going to possibly feel the after effects. Not all of them are this way but remember we are all human.
Well I could go on and on about this one so I will cut it here!
Have A Good Flight!!!

FARGO, N.D. — A flight attendant angry about his work route set a fire in an airplane bathroom, forcing an emergency landing, authorities said.
The Compass Airlines flight carrying 72 passengers and four crew members landed safely in Fargo on May 7 after smoke filled the back. No injuries were reported. The plane was flying from Minneapolis to Regina, Saskatchewan, authorities said.
Eder Rojas, 19, appeared in court Thursday, following his arrest a day earlier in Minneapolis, and ordered held without bail, prosecutors said. The charge of setting fire aboard a civil aircraft carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.
His public defender did not return a phone call seeking comment. Assistant U.S. Attorney Lynn Jordheim, who is prosecuting the case in Fargo, would not comment.
Court documents said Rojas, of the Twin Cities suburb of Woodbury, told authorities he was upset at the airline for making him work the route.

"Rojas further stated that he was preparing his cart to serve the passengers, he set the cart up, went back to the lavatory and reached in with his right hand and lit the paper towels with the lighter," court documents said.
Pilot Steve Peterka told authorities that an indicator light came on about 35 minutes into the flight, showing smoke in the rear bathroom.
Peterka called Rojas, who was assigned passengers in the back of the plane, and asked him to check the bathroom, documents said. Rojas, another flight attendant and a passenger were credited with quickly putting out the flames with fire extinguishers, authorities said.
Investigators later found a lighter in one of the overhead bins. Rojas confessed after authorities interviewed him, the complaint said.
Compass is a subsidiary of Northwest Airlines, based in Eagan, Minn. Rojas has been fired, said Northwest spokesman Rob Laughlin. Northwest did not say how long Rojas worked for the airline.

FBI agent Ralph Boelter said Compass Airlines officials showed "extraordinary cooperation" in the investigation.

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