21 January 2010

US Airways Saves Flight From Dangerous Xbox 360 Threat

Adam was flying out of Boston on US Airways, and he checked his Xbox 360 with his luggage. When he got home, he found a Ziploc bag full of little metal components on top of a newly broken Xbox 360.

He is understandably pissed off, and US Airways has essentially told him to piss off because it was done for security reasons. Of course! We all know that if an Xbox 360 is checked, it could be used by the pilots, which would be distracting and dangerous. Only by rendering it inoperable was US Airways able to keep our skies safe. Thanks, you wonderful, sensible airline!


Gizmodo Australia - Adam Frucci

Hello All BlkAv8tor2003 Checking In!!!

This is a new one for the books! Airline destroys passengers XBox 360 and tells him too bad? I found this as I was looking around on the net and I stumbled onto this story. I live in Phoenix where US Airways is based and it hasn't popped up in the news on local TV or radio. None of the major news sites have said anything yet but it may be on by morning. Several sites were saying the pic is used for illustration purposes and it's not the actual gaming console.

I don't know what to believe on this one but I'll keep an ear out to see if it has any validity in it! If the airline diddo something like this, it's really wrong and they should be held responsible! Not all of the blame goes to the airline though. The passenger should have not checked it in the first place...DUH!!! Why would you check something like that? They are not cheap and if the passenger loves it so much he should have had it in his carry-on baggage with him in the cabin.

Obviously he is not a seasoned traveler at all! Checking electronic devices in your checked luggage is insane to say the least and if he had to check it at the last minute he should have taken it out of the bag. Most agent will let you do that at least so he still should have not had it in his checked luggage! He kinda deserved what he got in a sense! This should show everyone when you fly that you can't trust what you don't see!

if nothing else he should have sent it via FedEx or UPS to his destination to save the heart ache of the whole situation. this is what all passengers who fly (not for business travelers) and know where they are going and are going to be there longer than a day or two so that you can send your baggage ahead, track it and know when it has arrived...even before the traveler has left the departure city.

Adam Frucci is the passenger this supposedly happened to and I feel sorry for him in this situation but part of this is his fault for being the stupid passenger and he got treated pretty bad from what the story said so my suggestion to Adam is to stay after the airline, I hope he got names of the agents he dealt with and flight numbers, times and dates because any loop holes in his documentation and the airline may send him walking. This way he can account for everything he went through and with whom he talked to.

The agents that that he dealt with in baggage claim should be reprimanded or more because they should have investigated this further, involved supervisors from both the departure city and his final destination plus any intermediate stops the flight may have made whether there was an aircraft swap or not bags can be removed and placed in other aircraft cargo bins for weight and balance purposes so the bag could have been tampered with in the process.

This will be an interesting story...I wonder will it be like the United Airlines smashed guitars incident?

We shall see!!!

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