15 January 2010

Former Airline Employee Wore Uniform to Rob Bank

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I know we are in a recession and time are hard to say the least but this tops it all I think! A former Southwest Airlines ramp employee in his old ramp agent uniform went into a bank in the Chicago and robbed it in uniform! How crazy is that???

Police caught him pretty quick after some top notch investigating...Going to Chicago Midway Airport (KMDW) and talking with a few employees and before long the police had his name, addy and who knows what else!

I would be curious to see if this is disgruntled employee trying to get back at Southwest Airlines instead of "Going Postal" and shooting innocent people. I guess he figured bad press all ways works, especially with the airlines current performance and employee morale!

I guess when you snap, you'll do anything! This definitely is an interesting story. Here is the full story and you will see what I mean!!!

Have a good flight and always remember to "Be Proactive and Not Reactive!!!

Why is it that we never hear stories of smart bank robbers? For some reason, when someone decides to rob a bank, it is usually someone as dumb as a bag of rocks. Take for example 24 year old Deoquisto Dennis.
According to the FBI, this Chicago resident walked into a TCF bank branch on South Cicero Avenue in Burbank, handed the teller a note demanding cash, and threatened to harm if his demands were not met.

Now, most bank robbers use face masks, and dark clothes — they understand that leaving any clues about their identity may screw up their plans of instant wealth. Sadly, Mr. Dennis could not find a suitable bank robbers outfit, so he allegedly put on the uniform he used to wear when he worked for Southwest Airlines.
Imagine a bank robber walking in with a Southwest Airlines sweatshirt and a fluorescent ramp workers vest — can you think of a more useless outfit? Of course, with the whole thing caught on tape, all the cops had to do was take the footage to Midway airport, interview a couple of employees and within hours they had a name.

Dennis has now been charged, and was released under bond with a home confinement, awaiting his next court date. In addition to his TCF Bank heist, he is also a suspect in four other Chicago area bank robberies around the same time.
He had been charged in a federal criminal complaint filed last week with one count of bank robbery.
According to the complaint, Dennis entered the TCF Bank branch at 7910 S. Cicero Ave. in Burbank about 2 p.m. on Dec. 22, approached a teller and handed her a note demanding cash. The note also threatened harm if his demands were not met. After taking just over $700, the robber fled on foot.

At the time of the robbery, Dennis was wearing a blue Southwest Airlines sweatshirt and safety vest, commonly worn by airport ramp workers, the release said.
Because of the airline vest worn at the time of the robbery, Southwest personnel were contacted and shown photos of the robber captured by bank surveillance. Several employees allegedly identified Dennis, a former employee. According to employees, Dennis was employed as a ramp agent and would have worn a blue jumpsuit with a reflective vest, according to the release.
The employees also said Southwest does not require the return of uniforms when employees leave their jobs.

Though not charged with additional crimes, Dennis is suspected of the robbery of the TCF branch at 8801 S. Ridgeland Ave. in Oak Lawn on Dec. 17, and the attempted robbery of a Chase Bank branch at 4730 W. 79th St. in Chicago on Dec. 16., the release said.
He appeared late Tuesday before Magistrate Judge Geraldine Soat Brown, who allowed Dennis' release on a secured bond but placed him under home confinement. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

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