18 January 2010

Haitian Evacuee The Culprit in JFK Security Breach

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So another person sets off alarms by going through security doors...Yes "doors!" This man went through two doors and eventually made it all the way home! How does this happen, especially going into secure areas and making it out of the terminal onto some type of transportation and all the way home? Police found him there and now he is up on charges. Read the full story at The Gothamist.

My question is how did he get down onto the ground level from the terminal level and was never challenged by anyone before exiting to the street level? Then he obviously had to open another door or two to get outside the airport operations area (AOA) and set of additional alarms alerting security officials to his latest position. After working in the would of the airlines I can say for a fact that it is drilled into your head when you first get your airport I.D. that if you can't see someones airport I.D. then you challenge them to prove they are allowed to be there...in uniform or not!

How this happens at the one of the busiest airports in the world is beyond me. Mr. Jules Bouloute will be in some kind of trouble for sure but I hope several security employees and airline personal are in trouble for allowing something like this to happen. Security is already heightened and this is not the time to be complacent and assume anything. I will be interested to see what comes of this crazy event at JFK!

Enjoy your travels and remember "Be Proactive Not Reactive!!!

A Haitian evacuee has been arrested for shirking security protocol at JFK, causing hours-long delay in terminal 8. Yesterday afternoon 57-year-old Jules Bouloute walked through a door that led to a restricted area, setting off an alarm. The terminal was evacuated and passengers waited for hours to be re-screened. Bouloute, who narrowly escaped Haiti after Tuesday’s earthquake, is now facing threats of a legal nature.

To get out of Haiti, Bouloute fled to the Dominican Republic and then flew to Orlando on Friday. He spent the night there, then proceeded to his home in Brooklyn, via JFK, reported the NY Post. He arrived safely at the terminal, but instead of leaving he made a detour through a door that was clearly marked “For Authorized Personnel Only.” Surveillance footage captured Bouloute passing through a first door, near Gate 5, at 3:06 p.m., a source told the NY Daily News. A minute later he strolled through a second door, setting off an alarm, and walked out at ground level.

See Full Story at The Gothamist

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