22 July 2009

Survey Says United's Flight Attendants Are The Worst

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Well as we can see day by day the U.S. airline industry doesn't fair all that well compared to the world carriers when the traveling public is queried! Singapore Airlines is on top and if you follow the airlines in performance and service almost every year. (see the photos below and you will see why). With the fuel crunch, economic down turn and the airlines charging for everythingunder the sun it's no wonder the U.S. carriers don't score well. Excessive delays and passengers who think they are priviledged to fly don't really know how to travel in today's airline world and be ready for the ups and downs that may arise. So it’s still interesting to see what a bunch of random people think about what’s going on in the sky. Here in the U.S. most people will think a good airline trip is one that left and arrived ontime. There is a little more than that to it but here is a list of the best airlines of 2009!


Rank Airline
1 Cathay Pacific Airways
2 Singapore Airlines
3 Asiana Airlines
4 Qatar Airways
5 Emirates
6 Qantas
7 Etihad Airways
8 Air New Zealand
9 Malaysia Airlines
10Thai Airways

The annual survey of frequent fliers by Seatguru.com, the popular online guide to airline seating, doesn't have a lot of highlights for U.S.-based airlines.

U.S. carriers serve the worst food -- if they serve food at all, that is -- and have the least comfortable seats, the survey of 1,600 fliers found.

Apparently, people don’t like much when it comes to United. The airline scored the title of rudest flight attendants. Don’t worry American Airlines and US Airways weren’t too far behind for flight attendant friendliness. All three domestic carriers were neck and neck when it came to the quality of their in-flight dining: not good. The trio also didn’t do too well when it came to the coziness of seats.

The best? Singapore Airlines, followed by British Airways, Houston-based Continental Airlines and Air France. Many U.S. carriers have eliminated meal service on domestic flights.
One domestic carrier, JetBlue Airways, did come out on top for the most comfortable economy-class seats, according to the survey, while Singapore Airlines led the field for business class. The least comfortable: American, United and US Airways.

Hawaiian Airlines had the best on-time performance, with 91% of its flights arriving within 15 minutes of schedule. Comair, a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, had the worst at 68%. Northwest Airlines Flight 803 from Atlanta to Honolulu was the most frequently delayed, being late a whopping 96% of the time. Northwest Airlines Flight 803 from Atlanta to Honolulu was the most frequently delayed, being late a whopping 96% of the time.

Of course Singapore Airlines did the best when it came to pretty much everything. They blew away the competition with their food, flight attendants, and most comfortable business class seats. Too bad they aren’t offering a domestic JFK to LAX route anytime soon.

Besides service and quality, the survey also had some information regarding other in-flight, uh, entertainment. Flyers shared their most memorable gross-out items, and crushed bananas, dirty diapers, and “mystery stains” were some of the gems that you can look forward to on your next flight. As far as seatmates are concerned, people want to fly with the President and First Lady, but if they’re too busy, they’ll settle for Brangelina or Posh ‘n Becks.

Statistically, there’s not too much information from where these number were pulled, or how many travelers contributed their two cents. That’s why we’re opening up to you; we want to know if you agree with these results. Is United Airlines the biggest failure in the sky, or is there an airline that’s even worse? Most of the people surveyed flew at least eight times last year.

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