22 July 2009

Southwest B737 near Indianapolis produces scorpion and medical emergency

The crew of a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700, flight WN-2093 from Las Vegas,NV to Indianapolis,IN (USA), reported about 20 minutes prior to scheduled landing and just prior to midnight, that a passengers had received a sting by a scorpion and requested paramedics to meet the airplane upon landing.

The aircraft landed safely about 18 minutes past midnight, the passenger was taken care of by waiting paramedics, but did not need to be taken to hospital.
6 scorpions were discovered in the carry on luggage of the passenger, the airplane had to be fumigated.

The airline reported, that the passenger had been going through his carry on luggage, when he felt numbness in his hand and arm and suspected a scorpion sting. They never had a scorpion on board of any of their airplanes before.

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