13 July 2009

British Airlines Flight Delay For Missing Ashtray!!

This just about takes the biscuit.....

Passengers on the Boeing 747 to Mexico City were told that the plane could not take off until the "vital" part was found.

The plane was grounded while airline staff searched for another ashtray to replace one that had been removed from a lavatory door.

The captain even suggested that ground crew "go and rob one" from another aircraft or even have the entire door replaced, according to the Daily Mail.

Eventually a suitable tray was found and the jet took off 25 minutes late.

British Airways apologised for the delay but said that it was only abiding by European flight regulations.

"It is a legal requirement, under air navigation orders, to have ashtrays because while smoking is not permitted on flights, if someone were to light a cigarette on board there must be somewhere to safely extinguish it," a spokesman for the airline said.

"We apologise to customers for the inconvenience but their safety is always our overriding priority."

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