15 December 2008

Airline Adapter Get One and Enjoy It

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As we all travel during this holiday season I came across the bits of convience when flying on the airlines to make your trip a little more pleasent. I saw this on another blog: http://blogs.saojosesl.com.br/fochtblog9836/2008/12/14/airline-adapter-get-one-and-enjoy-it/
and I thought how appropriate! The comment down below are from the original writer.

Now my 2 cents is "Be Proactive, Not Reactive When You Travel!" Remember the airlines are charging you for every little thing that they can during these economic times and why should you have to pay out more to enjoy yourself? So get a movie or two for yourself, family, friends to watch while flying and/or your laptop with programs you have NSWF (Not Safe While Flying) and enjoy it because you know when you watch the movie in one direction depend on the direction you may see it on the way back in the future! So pick your poison...but overall be ready for anything like delays, cancellations and diversions. It's alot easier to have to sit watching something funny while delayed and everyone around you is mad about the situation and your sitting back having a good time! Time does fly when your having fun!!! (No Pun Intended)

Be safe, prepared and relaxed and enjoy your holiday season!!!

Keep The Blue Side Up!!!


December 14, 2008

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