17 February 2010

Pregnant Woman, Husband Kicked Off Spirit Airlines Flight For Asking For Water

Not just movie directors are getting kicked off planes for bizarre reasons.
A New York doctor claims that he was booted from a
Spirit Airlines flight for asking for water for his pregnant wife on Sunday.

Mitchell Roslin, the Chief of Obesity Surgery at Manhattan's Lenox Hill Hospital, says that after being grounded at LaGuardia Airport for two hours in a hot plane his attempts to get water for his 7-month pregnant wife were repeatedly refused.

Roslin informed the New York Post that flight attendants told him that it was "against corporate policy" to give him water before the plane was in the air.
The doctor was asked to leave the plane after continuing to plead for water, and ultimately did so with his wife and family in tow.
Hello All, BlkAv8tor2003 Is Checking In!!!
WTH is going on when you can get kicked off for requesting a glass of water? Sounds like Spirit Airlines is stirring the pot with it's own publicity! Things are getting more sensitive and every little thing is setting people off everytime!
I only imagine what is next!!!
See Ya later!!!
Remember to Be Proactive And Not Reactive and enjoy your flight!

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subalin said...

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