02 February 2010

Kulula’s Livery is Green! Flying 101 Paint Job!!!

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I love it when an airline gets creative with their product or brand name! Air New Zealand does nude safety demos, Virgin all but has "Austin Powers" (Mike Myers) in their promos and aboard their flights.

Well here comes Kulula Airlines from South Africa! It has taken the basic questions that passengers always seem to ask or want to know and painted the answers on the outside of the aircraft! Genius idea and Bravo for Kulula Airlines which seems to be like the "Southwest Airlines" of South Africa!

If your going to copy a model why not copy one of the best airlines to make it through the most difficult times! If you look at their website it's no wonder they painted the plane the way they did! Kulula Airlines Website It's loaded with funny pictures, advertisements and ways to make navigating around their website a little easier and much more inviting!

Somebody down their is thinking ahead and taking chances with a more humorous side. Whatever works I say! If Southwest can have an aircraft marshaller on a unicycle to park one of their jets, why can't Kulula paint the FAQ's on the outside of the plane! Nobody said you couldn't do it, right? lol

My kind of airline and I hope this dispells some of the many questions that our flying passengers may have!

Remember to "Be Proactive Not reactive" and enjoy your flights!


By Prawn1

Local airline Kulula has always stood out from the crowd from their odd choice of colour, to their jetsetter ads, and the comical safety demos on the flights. This sense of humour has found its way onto livery that has been applied to their fleet of Boeing 737s

The airplanes are covered with “Flying 101″ livery that shows interesting details about the plane, such as the captain’s window which is marked as the big cheese, the fuel tanks (the go-go juice), to the loo (or mile-high club initiation chamber), and the black box (which is actually orange)

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