29 December 2009

First class pain: Unruly Ivana Trump booted off a flight at Palm Beach International

The Palm Beach Post
Ivana TrumpPalm Beach jet-setter Ivana Trump, whom you’d think would fly private, was booted off a commercial flight departing Palm Beach International Airport this afternoon.

Trump, 60, a former wife of TV star and developer Donald Trump, was not charged with a crime but was escorted off the first-class cabin of Delta flight 2377 to New York City’s LaGuardia Airport and to her waiting chauffeur.

The way a spokeswoman with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office puts it, the departing jet’s pilot called deputies about 2:30 p.m. because of a foul-mouthed and unruly passenger in seat 1C, in first class.
When the lawmen arrived, they discovered the abusive passenger was the well-known socialite. They described her as “belligerent” and “aggravating.”

According to PBSO, Trump first was unhappy about her seat. Flight attendants offered her another, and headphones, to calm her down. But then Trump became more frustrated when children started running up and down the aisle while screaming.

You won’t believe the language Trump used. Look below or click
As the plane started to taxi out, an agitated Trump started calling the kids “little fu…..” and telling passengers around her “f*@& you!”
“She was so belligerent toward other passengers and crew that the plane returned to the terminal,” said Teri Barbera, the PBSO spokeswoman.

Trump first refused the deputies’ orders to exit the aircraft. She finally relented after Delta staff offered her to fly at a later date.
“From initial contact until Ms. Trump left the property, she was saying “f&%$ you” to all the deputies,” Barbera’s statement read.

FBI was contacted but didn’t pursue the matter. The ordeal caused a two-hour delay for Trump’s fellow passengers.
The incident comes as airports throughout the world are tightening security measures after an alleged terrorist tried to set off a bomb on a Northwest Airlines flight on Christmas Day near Detroit.

Trump, meanwhile, hasn’t had the greatest time lately. Her 20-month marriage to the much younger Rossano Rubicondi, 37, is running out of steam. Rubicondi, Trump’s fourth husband, has been spreading his love all over Europe while Trump spent the holiday alone in her Palm Beach mansion. She filed for the divorce earlier this month.

Trump couldn’t be contacted and her publicist, Catherine Saxton, didn’t return calls.

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