03 December 2009

Cover up! Airline breastfeeding policies…

Hello All BlkAv8tor2003 Checking In!!!

This is an FYI for all or the parents out there! I'm not going to give my full opinion on breastfeeding while flying but I have one. I do want to hear what everyone else says first. I understand it from both side, as a father of a child who was breastfed and the working flight attendant and the uneasiness of other passengers with concerns regarding breastfeeding while flying. I found a blog posting with several airlines breastfeeding policies and I thought I should post it so my readers are as informed as possible. I'll put my two cents in at a later time and date. Don't worry it will be blunt and it will not be PC! I don't do PC either so remember I warned you!!!

Be prepared for holiday storms and delays so "Be Proactive and Not Reactive!" Plan for changes on the fly!!! (No Pun Intended!!!) lol

photo above: shows the logos of some of the airlines listed. Not all airlines shown have policies available for me to post for you. Check with your airline before you travel to be sure of their policies.

To see the list of some of the airlines that have policies regarding breastfeeding checkout phdinparenting.com for the full story!

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