02 March 2009

Now Ryanair wants you to leave your luggage at home...Or they will charge you to carry it on!

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If you have read my blog before then you know that I have said that since the airlines have been going through their tough financial times and charging the passenger for everything under the sun, that the next thing to come would be charging every passenger for carry-on baggage. Well here is the first tier of this and Ryanair is kind of leading the charge (no pun intended) by potentially charging the passenger for carry-on bags and even additional fees for a lap child (child riding on your lap under the age of 2 years {documented}). The story is below and it's only a matter of time for the US carriers to look and see how it plays out in the UK and then to come up with something somewhat like it to be able to do the same.

Remember Be Proactive, Not Reactive and enjoy your flight!!!


The Ryanair headline-making machine just churns on and on, and the outrage rises from the flying masses like a bubble of hot gas which threatens to more harm to the environment than all Ryanair’s hard-worked aircraft put together.

The airline’s latest move is aimed at those beasts of burden who arrive for their flights weighed down with, you know, stuff, like a trading caravan. From the end of this year, says the airline, passengers who wish to check luggage into the aircraft’s hold will be directed to baggage-drop points, since there will no longer be any check-in desks either.

This follows a previous annoucement that passengers attempting to board flights carrying more than one piece of hand luggage would be charged £30 (R430) at the gate.

So it’s one piece of hand luggage only, nothing in the hold, and, as this editorial in The Times, London, notes, “if you have an infant - £38 return to sit on your lap - leave it at home”.

For the unencumbered traveller, it’s probably a good thing. Who likes travelling heavy anyway? But they had better weigh those bags before putting them in the overhead bins, because that’s where people will stash their skelm kilograms. Yep, right above your head.

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