06 March 2009

First all female African American flight crew makes history

This is why I love what I do and being a pilot and able to fly it's great to see modern day achievements in the world of aviation. Now, this is something that is more rare than the Pope in the hood for a bbq! An all black "female" flight crew for a major air carrier! Bravo sistas Bravo!!!! As a pilot you don't get the chance to see many women let alone one African American...and here you got two and two flight attendants!!!

So fellas, sistas are doing it big and it has nothing to do with their looks...Can the fellas handle a woman who flies planes for a living or has been to space, travel and has seen the world??? I don't know, that's a tall order for any man but I think in the end the brothas can step forward and represent and be supportive.

This is as big an event in the world of aviation as Barrack Obama becoming president! Yes it's that big and important, maybe not to the average traveler but for the little girls who may have that desire down the road a few years from now can look on The Discovery Channel and see when the first all African American female flight crew was and who they flew for or the first female astronauts and when they flew!!!

(See excerpt below for first African American Woman in Space) I tip my hat to the ladies of this flight crew who obviously completed their flight without any problems and maybe one day when I have my own airline you will see more all black flight crews because they will be qualified to do the job!!!

by Scott Carmichael Mar 3rd 2009 @ 2:30PM

I love good news from the aviation world - it really does bring a smile to my face amongst all the doom and gloom stories out there.A good example of something great comes from regional carrier Atlantic Southeast Airlines. For the first time in history, a domestic US flight was staffed by an all female African American flight crew.

The 4 - Captain Rachelle Jones, First Officer Stephanie Grant, and flight attendants Diana Galloway and Robin Rogers probably did not know that they were about to make history when they boarded their flight from Atlanta to Nashville.When the crew realized the importance of their flight, they were naturally quite excited, and captain Jones said " this could be a first, so let's be on our P's and Q's".

ASA President Brad Holt issued the following statement: "Not only are these women gifted in their professions, but they set examples for young people across the country that with hard work, passion and determination, the sky is the limit."Atlantic Southeast Airlines has a special contact page, where you can leave your own message of congratulations to the crew of flight 5202.

Outside of these facts, they are all top professionals in a game that is dominated by men...Fellas watch out!!!

Here is a few more sistas who set the bar really high...let's just say out of this world!!!


Mae C. Jemison blasted into orbit aboard the space shuttle Endeavor, September 12, 1992, the first woman of color to go into space. This historic event was only another in a series of accomplishments for this dynamic African-American women.
Dr. Jemison was Science Mission Specialist (a NASA first) on the STS-47 Space lab J flight, a US/Japan joint mission. She conducted experiments in life sciences, material sciences, and was co-investigator in the Bone Cell Research experiment. Dr. Jemison resigned from NASA in March 1993.

Chemical engineer, scientist, physician, teacher and astronaut, she has a wide range of experience in technology, engineering, and medical research. In addition to her extensive background in science, she is well-versed in African and African-American Studies and is trained in dance and choreography.

***NASA Astronaut Joan Higginbotham

Higginbotham became the third Black woman to join a NASA space flight when she traveled on the shuttle Discovery for a 12-day mission to the International Space Station in December 2006.

***NASA Astronaut Stephanie Wilson

Astronaut Stephanie Wilson, STS-121 mission specialist. She became interested in being an astronaut when she was about 13. "I was first interested in astronomy when I was given an assignment in school to interview someone in an, that worked in a career field in which I was interested. I have a bachelor's degree in engineering science from Harvard University; and a master's in aerospace engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. I worked for the former Martin Marietta astronautics group, on the Titan 4 launch vehicle. I did dynamics analysis. I also worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the attitude and articulation control group for the Galileo spacecraft. So for me, working here at Johnson Space Center as an astronaut has been a natural progression from working on the dynamic response of launch vehicles to controlling and testing robotic spacecraft to now having a chance to fly on the Shuttle."


The Flying Pinto said...

It's a new world to raise my daughter in and that makes me happy: )

Britt Britt said...

I'm blogging on this soon! I was looking for pictures and stumbled upon u!! I love this I REALLY do!

Free Flying Mom... said...

I commend you BlkAv8tor for showing your pride in you "sistas"! You show men how to do it...These women are the real thing! I admire them so much! This world...it is a changing! About time! A Banner Year for us all!!!

Black Travel said...

Thank you BlkAv8tor! Your post has brought huge smiles to our faces. We'll certainly be sharing this with friends and family.