28 January 2009

What is Clear?

Your fast pass through airport security.


You don’t go to the airport to get stranded on some never-ending airport security line. You’re there to make a flight. Which is a great reason to get Clear. Clear is a high-tech card that gives you access to express security lines at airports across the country. Instead of inching along through airport security, you fly through in mere minutes, arriving at your gate stress free.

Clear is the premier Registered Traveler Program and our commitment to privacy and security is absolute.

Annual Clear memberships are $199.

Sign up for two years at $358 and save $40. Take advantage of larger discounts on multiple year membership terms. When you consider the hundreds of hours of needless waiting Clear will save you, you’ll quickly realize that Clear will pay for itself many times over. Join the hundreds of thousands of savvy travelers who already enjoy the timesaving benefits of Clear.

Get Clear and fly through airport security in mere minutes.

Clear lanes are easily identified by the illuminated blue Clear display cubes.

Here, Clear members present their Clear cards and boarding passes to one of our Clear attendants.
After inserting their cards into the Clear kiosk and verifying their biometric information, members are escorted to the front of the designated Clear lane.

Clear members must still pass through a metal detector and X-ray, but without having to face the long lines.

To help speed the process up even further, Clear attendants are available to help Clear members place personal items in the bins, and to help them gather their belongings after going through the checkpoint. This alone helps Clear members speed through security by as much as 30%.

Clear in Atlanta

Atlanta’s got 12,000 restaurants, 339 parks, 45 major corporations, 41 golf courses, 16 theaters, 10 museums, 4 major-league sports teams, 3 microbreweries, and one enormous airport. It’s called the “World’s Busiest Airport” for a reason.

Make getting through security at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport a breeze, not a burden. Your high-tech Clear card allows you access to designated lanes at the security checkpoint in Atlanta and 20 other airports nationwide, so you get through security in mere minutes every time you fly.

Better yet, with all that time saved getting out of Atlanta, you’ll have more time to enjoy the great stuff in Atlanta. Join the hundreds of thousands of smart travelers who already use Clear.

Clear in New York City

New Yorkers go through life at one speed: fast. That New York minute…it really only amounts to a few seconds.

Which is why there’s Clear, the high-tech card that propels speedy New Yorkers through security in mere minutes — using special Clear express lines. You may not be able to escape the gridlock in Manhattan, but with the Clear card, you can certainly avoid it in the airport security line.

Clear members speed through security in 21 airports nationwide, including select terminals in all three New York-area airports: LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark Liberty. And Westchester too!

Clear in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is all about change: platforms change; candidates change, policies change. But there’s one thing we don’t waffle or flip-flop on: getting Clear members through airport security in mere minutes, every time they fly.

Your high-tech Clear card allows you access to designated lanes at the security checkpoints at both Reagan and Dulles and nearly 20 other airports nationwide, giving you a predictable, hassle-free experience. Now at least there’s one thing on which we can all agree.

Clear in the Bay Area

The Bay Area is unique for its diversity: The culture, the geography, and even the weather are all varied all the time. There are even three different airports to serve the more than 7 million people who call the Bay Area home.

What’s the one constant in the Bay Area? All three airports are Clear. This means that no matter where you fly to from the Bay Area, you can fly Clear. All flights. All destinations. No wait at airport security.

Your high-tech Clear card allows you access to designated lanes at the security checkpoints in San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland, and nearly 20 other airports nationwide, so you get through security in mere minutes every time you fly.

If I am a Clear member and my child is not, can we use the lane together?

Yes! If your child is under 12, he or she may access the Clear lanes at no cost when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is a registered traveler participant in good standing. Children ages 12 and older must be members to enter and use the Clear lane.

Airports that Accept Clear

Current Airports that accept Clear
Boston Terminal A
Little Rock
Newark-Terminals B1, B2
New York-JFK -Terminals 1, 2, 4, 7
New York-LaGuardia -Central Terminal B, Terminal D
Salt Lake City
San Francisco
San Jose

Coming soon
Los Angeles International Airport
New York-JFK-Terminal 3

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