04 January 2009

Emergency Air Return Of Delta B-777

An account from a pilot flying along!

I was deadheading to Hong Kong via Narita yesterday, and was riding on Delta flight 55, B-777-200; few seconds into the T/O roll the right fan decided to come apart on us, I was seated right next to it in seat 12G, front row view. When the fan let go at T/O thrust the compressor stalled and a 7 foot or so flame shot out the front end of the intake, the inlet outer skin was damaged but held, you could see where the fan blade(s) tip pushed out the metal. Some greyish/blue smoke came through the air conditionning, but dissipated quickly. It was a low speed reject, we could feel some shaking during the decelaration, nothing major, of course the first indication was a very crisp and sharp bang. I believe this aircraft has the RR Trent engine. Anyways, the point of this thread is to say KUDDOS to the Delta crew both front and back for displaying great skills during this mishap. They kept us informed as soon as possible in a very professional tone of voice over the PA. We taxied back under our own power to the gate, and 4 hours later we were on our way to Narita on another Delta 777. Again thank you to the crew for a well done job, just the way we practice it in the sim.

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