10 October 2008

Qantas to pay passengers on problem flight

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This is a very misleading story that could lead to many rumors. Airlines paying passengers for getting hurt on the plane, I know this sounds like the "American Way" of getting paid but let me just put a couple things out there before you run off hoping for the same payday!

(CNN) — The Australian airline Qantas plans to offer refunds and other compensation to passengers who were on a jet that suddenly changed altitude this week, injuring 74 people, the airline said Thursday.

Where were all these passengers sitting? "Sitting" this is a novel idea aboard an airplane but 74 people were hurt. Did this flight crew let that many passengers be up and moving about the cabin at once....was there a conga line or something?

Qantas Flight 72 was flying from Singapore to the western Australian city of Perth when a sudden change of altitude caused abrasions, contusions, fractures and other injuries. The cause of that change remains under investigation.

These were passengers hurt on a flight out of Singapore and I hate to play the race card but how many passengers were of Asian background? The reason I ask is as many times that I have flown to and from the Asian Rim I have noticed that most Asian passengers are not big on getting up and walking around for the hell of it (like Americans do). This would be frequent or vacation travelers. I don't have the info on the injured passenger breakdown but it's just a question.

Now sudden change of altitude can be caused by many different things and I won't speculate here I'll wait till some better more detailed info is available. So why were the passengers or at least so many possibly out of their seats or at least have their seat belts off? First thing you do and hear about is your seat belt when you get on a plane so what's the deal?

The pilot of the Airbus A330-300 made an emergency landing in Exmouth, Australia.

The 74 people who were hurt include 14 who were flown to a hospital with serious injuries, 30 who had less serious injuries that nonetheless required hospitalization and another 30 who received treatment for minor injuries, Qantas said.

This sounds a little weird and it sounds like there was some type of auto mechanical failure and whatever happened made the aircraft change pitch and subsequently altitude at a very rapid rate which is what many of the injuries sound like...We will just have to wait and see until more info is available.

FYI, ladies and gentle man put your seat belt on and leave it on at least loosely fastened about 1/2 a the size of your fist distance between the seat belt and your lap. Turbulence doesn't need weather there is C.A.T. (Clear Air Turbulence) and it can be very violent and it's never seen hence the name. Better to be uncomfortable for a little while than hurt or injured and damaged physically for a long time.

Keep an eye out for an update on this one!!!

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