22 October 2008

CO Reducing Carry On Bag Size 11/1

Carry-on Baggage

Things To Know About Your Carry-on Bags
When you bring your bag onboard, you save time - avoid lines at the check-in counter and waiting at baggage claim - so you can ease in and out of the airport.

If you are traveling with any liquid, gel or aerosol items, here's a few things you should remember:
Travelers departing the U.S. may bring carry-on bags through security and aboard the aircraft with trial-size toiletries (3.4 ounces or less) which can be purchased at any drug store.
Toiletries must fit comfortably in one, quart-size (7.5" x 8"), clear plastic zip-top bag. Zip-top bags will be provided if needed.
The zip-top bag may need to be presented separately at airport security so make sure it is easily accessible when you approach the screening area.
Additionally, beverages or toiletries purchased inside the airport beyond the security checkpoints will be allowed onboard the aircraft.
Items greater than 3.4 ounces and/or not contained in a zip-top bag may be allowed on board but must be declared to the TSA at the security checkpoint for screening. These items include baby formula, milk (to include breast milk), baby food, juice, medications and liquids/gels that are needed for diabetic or other medical conditions.
Restrictions vary for flights departing from non - U.S. locations. Travelers should check with the departure airport for specific security restrictions.
It's always a good idea to check the airport processing times before departing for the airport to ensure that you allow enough time for additional processing when required.
Additional references with detailed information and examples of allowable items may be found at the TSA's Web site.
Wrapped Packages

Due to higher security levels at airports worldwide, gifts and packages are subject to the same inspection as your carry-on baggage. To reduce delays at the airport security checkpoint Continental recommends that you travel with your packages unwrapped. This will allow for easy inspection, if necessary.
Carry-on Bag Policy

Departing from: All locations, except India and the United Kingdom
No. of Bags: 1 bag and 1 personal item (see description below)

Size: For travel on or before Oct 31, 2008 51 linear inches or 130 cm (L + W + H)For travel on or after Nov 1, 2008 - 45 linear inches or 115 cm (L + W + H)


40 lbs or 18 kg

India and United Kingdom, except Belfast

1 bag and 1 personal item (see description below)

45 linear in or 115 cm (L+W+H)
40 lbs or 18 kg


1 bag

45 linear in or 115 cm (L+W+H)
40 lbs or 18 kg
Personal items

In addition to the one carry-on item, you may bring free-of-charge the below items:
one small personal article such as a briefcase, purse, day planner, small laptop computer, camera case, compact disk player or similar sized personal entertainment item
personal aid devices such as wheelchairs, braces, canes, crutches, prosthetic devices and walking sticks, provided passenger is dependent on them
one infant article such as a small collapsible stroller, a diaper bag or a government approved child seat (larger strollers can be checked in the jetway prior to boarding the aircraft)
full-size video game consoles (for example Playstation®, X-box®, or Nintendo®), full-size DVD players, and video cameras that use video cassettes (must be removed from carrying cases and submitted separately for x-ray screening)
CPAP breathing machines (must be removed from carrying case and submitted separately for x-ray screening)
Small and portable electronic items do not need to be removed from their carrying cases.
For flights departing Delhi, the following items may be carried on in addition to the one carry-on item:
Purse, coat, rug or blanket, camera or binoculars, reading material (reasonable amount), umbrella or walking stick, infant food and bag, collapsible wheelchair or assistive devices and Duty Free items
Note: Most knives are not allowed past the security checkpoint (including, but not limited to, pocket knives, folding or retractable blades regardless of blade length or composition, box cutters, X-Acto knives, scissors with a pointed tip, straight razors, Leatherman or Swiss Army Knives). Plastic and round-bladed butter knives are permitted in carry-on baggage.
Battery operated personal air-purifying devices are prohibited onboard all Continental flights.
Only one item (either bag or personal item) is allowed on flights departing the UK. Additional carry-on baggage restrictions may apply on certain flights
Laptop Computers

Effective Aug. 16, 2008, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will allow passengers to leave their laptop computers in bags that meet new “checkpoint friendly” standards. For a bag to be considered checkpoint friendly, it should meet the following standards:
A designated laptop-only section
The laptop-only section completely unfolds to lay flat on the X-ray belt
No metal snaps, zippers or buckles inside, underneath or on top of the laptop-only section
No pockets on the inside or outside of the laptop-only section
Nothing packed in the laptop-only section other than the computer itself.
For details of checkpoint friendly designs and guidance on use, go to tsa.gov.*
Note: Baggage allowances for Continental's codeshare partners or Continental Express operated by ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. or Chautauqua Airlines may be different. If your itinerary includes any of these carriers, please contact a Continental representative for additional information.
*Given TSA’s use of random screening protocols, TSA reserves the right to re-screen any bag or laptop regardless of the design of the bag.

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