19 May 2014

Malaysia Flight 370 Theory

MH370 Theory

It's time to give my opinion regarding Malaysia flight 370.

This American Airlines B727-223 was stolen from Angola in 2003 and was never found. Link

I think we may have a repeat performance of sorts with MH370. The difference is this was a live flight that may have been stolen and I think whomever did this was showing it could be done with disastrous intentions later on.

Keep passengers alive, secluded, aircraft kept hidden after landing on a make shift runway, painted with a different livery and serial number.

Eventually fly it out and land it at any airport in the region to show it can be done with the ability to keep the world in the dark.

Was the cockpit crew in on it? Maybe one of them but doubtful that both of them were doing it together.

If someone spent years building a runway in the middle of nowhere that could handle a B777 for landing and takeoff this theory is very possible!

Somebody who trained to fly the airplane could have done this solo, difficult yes but possible.

Satellites need to look at land masses in the range of the aircraft, they just might find something!

My two cents on this theory with many more infinite insider details that the news agencies and airlines care not to discuss.

If any parts of my theory is correct this could scare the airline traveling public, airlines and governments of many nations plus Boeing and Airbus. I hope I'm wrong but who really knows!

Questions? Hit me up and let's talk theories!

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