05 November 2011

BlkAv8tor Returns to The Blogging World After A Lengthy Hiatus

Hello All Blkav8tor Checking In!!!

Hello all, I am back from a bloggers break since work and family come first! So I think I have a little bit of time here and there to share some of the news events and my knowledge as things take place with the world.

So I figured I would jump in feet first with a few things that happened recently in the aviation world close to home and also a far.

My first story happened in my neck of the woods right here in Phoenix with the death of a US Airways flight attendant. For those of you that may not know what happened click here and I also want to pay my condolences to a fellow flight attendant that I never new or flew with. His friends and family here in Phoenix and throughout the world have commented on a monumental loss to the airline world and aviation community!

His name was Nick Aaronson, I feel a loss for a fellow flier and I would have been honored to have made his acquaintance! Nick enjoy you final flight, you touched so many and you will be missed by all!!!
Nick Aaronson

Here is a brief video of the send off from his fellow employees at US Airways from 
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport!

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Bobby said...

Thanks for sharing Virg. Great post & welcome back