04 March 2010

Flight Attendant Falls From Plane

A Qantas flight attendant has fallen from a plane and hit the tarmac while shutting the doors before take-off at an airport near Uluru.

The flight attendant was trying to close the doors of the plane when she stumbled and fell at Yulara airport, Northern Territory Police Superintendent Bob Harrison told ABC Radio.

"All the passengers were seated in the plane," he said.

"The attendant was shutting the aircraft doors ready for take-off when the ground staff pulled the ramp out - the stairway ramp - and unfortunately the attendant lost her footing, falling head first from the aircraft around about three metres to the ground below."

The flight attendant was taken to the local medical centre and then flown to Alice Springs with minor injuries.

SOP at Quantas says that the flight attendants do not actually close the door and early reports say the flight attendant was closing the door in some fashion and may have not been following company policy.

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