04 August 2009

Where To Legally Join The Mile High Club

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So if you were ever wondering about what goes on in the aircraft bathrooms on the red-eye flights from the West Coast to the East Coast, here is a easier way to get your groove on at 35000' feet! join the Mile High Club and there are airlines that actually exist to test your freakier side! Flying for the airlines I have seen my fair share of people who feel the need to "do the do" and have something to talk about with each other for years to come. Now the airline bathrooms are about as big as a pantry closet in your home but cleanliness is not exactly what I would call it that's for sure!

Most people opt for the under the blanket, in the back couple of rows, dark late flights or overnight international flights to get a little stress reliever. The buzz kill is if you get caught it can be very embarrassing or even valid enough to have you arrested and or jailed! So that's where Mile High Club type airlines come into the picture.

One airline is in Australia and a little more real working airline and one that does it in Arizona for the Burning Man event in the dessert and that looks like a guy who knows Jimmy Buffet, happens to have a plane and will let you and your significant other play for about an hour! It's not for everyone but most people do think about it and if you have, read on and see some of the history and what still is a thrill and taboo in the world of aviation and the airlines!


Now it has never been more difficult to join the Mile High Club than it is today. Even if two of you successfully make it into the bathroom, that darn space has gotten so small that you can barely go about your usual business; forget sexy affairs.

In response to these hassles, at least two aviation groups have sprung up, solely specializing in flights for Mile High Club membership:
A legit (enough) operation out of Queensland, Australia, they'll fly lovers up in twin-engine Beech H-18S from Redcliffe Airport, Nathan Road, Redcliffe Peninsular. Flights for a couple start at $570 for a 40-minute flight, and include champagne, chocolates, a safe sex kit, and a certificate of Mile High membership.

Tack on another $63 per extra passenger, until the onboard double bed is packed full, should you desire. The semi-NSFW website is worth a glance, if only to be highly entertained at their copious use of the words "sexperience" and "sexpedition."

Mile High Club at Burning Man

When the desert frolickers at the Burning Man festival aren't creating and then destroying giant sculptures, they're making time for novelty sex. This is not as concrete an operation as Erotic Airways, but with Burning Man coming up at the end of this month, we figured some of you might want to keep an eye out.

Here's what the airplane, airport, and terminal look like, and it's piloted by the "pilot" in this picture. Judging from that last picture, heading up in the skies to over Black Rock City will yield you a certificate of Mile High Club membership as well.

We've got no leads on pricing or timing of this one, but if you happen by "Fractal Pilot" while in the desert later this month for Burning Man Black Rock City, do let us know ... for research reasons. Right? Research reasons!

Airline grounds 'mile-high club' aboard new giant jet

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard the A380 super-jumbo jet. Fasten your seat belts and be sure your seat back and tray table are in the complete upright position. And please — no sex."

Though you're not likely to hear that over the intercom, Singapore Airlines today asked that prospective A380 passengers stow their airborne ardor until they land, the BBC and Reuters report.

The announcement comes just a week after the airline became the first carrier to fly the monster plane, traveling between Singapore and Sydney. The first-class cabin contains 12 private suites with double beds, an almost irresistible temptation for MHC frequent fliers. Trouble is, they're not totally sealed or sound-proofed. (Hey, what do you expect for $14,320?)

"All we ask of customers, wherever they are on our aircraft, is to observe standards that don't cause offense to other customers and crew," the airline's statement said.
Earlier, we wrote about that for some folks, it's join the mile-high club, go directly to jail.

Aboard SQ A-380, Nicer than most apartments but aboard a plane!

Mile high club (History)

The mile high club (or MHC) is a slang term applied collectively to individuals who have engaged in sexual intercourse while on board an aircraft in flight. There is no known formally constituted club so named. However, since "membership" of the "club" is really a matter of an individual asserting they have qualified, the qualifications for membership are open to some interpretation.

Some people attribute the allure of the club to the lower atmospheric pressure in the flight cabin, which they claim increases the intensity of orgasms.[citation needed] Another explanation is the vibration of the airplane, which may make arousal easier.
Others say they have fantasies about pilots or flight attendants, or a fetish about planes themselves. For many others, perhaps the majority, the appeal of joining the MHC is the thrill of doing something taboo and the thrill of the risk of being discovered.

A website using the name Mile high club humorously claims the "club's" "founder" as pilot and design engineer Lawrence Sperry along with "socialite Mrs. Waldo Polk" citing their possibly anecdotal flight in an autopilot-equipped Curtiss Flying Boat near New York in November 1916.

The American transportation authority NTSB reports a documented case in which sexual activity is at least partly responsible for an aviation accident.

H-16 Curtiss Flying Boat circa 1917

UPDATE: Another operator out there offers MHC flights!

Well FYI, here is some updated info on MHC operators and it's called Mile High Flights! It's based in the UK and they actually have a nice airplane with plenty of room. The Cessna Grand Caravan is a very good airplane and suitable for providing this kind of service. Looks like they thought it through, from pillows and plankets down to the roses and an aircraft length curtain for some privacy! Now regular rules apply for take-off and landing so that's the only thing that makes this flight like any others at least with one major exception! Check this one out because it looks a little more legit and well thought out!
We have tried to make Mile High Flights as accessible to everyone as possible and there are options to suit every budget.

There are 2 options to choose from. You can add deluxe packages to these and if you require something a little more extravagant we are more than happy to help you out.

This is our most popular flight. The experience will last just over 1 hour with 40 minutes in the air. This gives you plenty of time to relax and get into the mood and enjoy the views inside and outside the aircraft.

This is the most exclusive of our standard packages. The whole exerience will last about 1hr 30 mins with a full 60 minutes in the air. This will provide you and your partner ample time to indulge in your ultimate fantasies and experience an adventure fit for Hollywood

On arrival at the Gloucestershire Airport (Staverton) you will be met by your 'Captain' who will help put you at ease and answer any questions you have. Before boarding, your Captain will run through the simple but essential safety instructions.

Once on aboard, If you have opted to sample from the 'Deluxe' option, your chilled Champagne and Strawberries will be waiting for you to get you in the mood before the captain lets you know when it is safe to begin your initiation.

The fast climbing aircraft will be one mile high within 5 minutes of takeoff. At that time, you will have between 25 and 35 minutes of privacy to take in the views outside and of course...... those private views inside.

You and your loved one will remain totally undisturbed except for the hum of the engines and the sunlight through the cabin windows. We have provided a comfortable mattress with sumptious duvets, pillows, cushions and blankets to relax on.

After the flight you will be presented with a Mile High Flight 'Certificate of Initiation' before pausing for a photo to remember your adventure by.

A perfect trip for any romantic couple and a wonderful way to celebrate any event from Birthdays, Anniveraries, Engagements or just to let them know... you love them.

This is no ordinary 'little' plane.
Were not talking 4 seater. Were not talking 6 seater... You will be flying in the largest single engine aircaft in the world.
The Cessna Grand Caravan is a unique plane perfect for this adventure providing ample space, luxury and privacy.

The Cessna Caravan has an unrivalled safety record and is widely regarded as one of the best 'small' commercial aircraft in the aviation world. You might say its perfect for safe sex !!
Your captain has over years and miles of experience and will make your take-off, flight and landing an exciting, relaxing experience you will never forget.
A full safety briefing will be given prior to boarding the aircraft. Seatbelts must be worn during take-off and landing. You will be notified by the Captain when you may remove your seatbelts.
All flights are only suitable for consenting adults (aged 18 and over).

If there are adverse weather conditions (e.g. low cloud) your flight may have to be postponed. Please make sure you call the 'terminal' prior to travelling to the airport to confirm that the flight is going ahead. If your experience is cancelled due to weather or technical problems you will be offered an alternative date.

Flights may be booked during daylight hours between May and October. Special flights may be available at Christmas and Valentines (plus other times) but cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to a premium.
Contact us for more information
If you would like to discuss any aspect of your future flight or you require any further information please contact us on: 07960 858 747 or emailinfo@milehighflights.co.uk

Please allow at least 4 weeks between your booking and flight dates.

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