11 June 2009

Accident Transcripts from FAA: US Airways A320 at New York on Jan 15th 2009, ditched in Hudson River

The NTSB have released the cockpit voice recorder transcript and the flight data recorder analysis during the currently ongoing three days hearing into the accident.
At 15:25:09 TOGA (takeoff thrust) is set and a normal departure commenced for 2 minutes, then:
15:27:10.4 HOT-1: birds.
15:27:11.0 HOT-2: whoa.
15:27:11.4 CAM: [sound of thump/thud(s) followed by shuddering sound]
15:27:12.0 HOT-2: oh #.
15:27:13.0 HOT-1: oh yeah.
15:27:13.0 CAM: [sound similar to decrease in engine noise/frequency begins]
15:27:14.0 HOT-2: uh oh.
15:27:15.0 HOT-1: we got one rol- both of 'em rolling back.
15:27:18.0 CAM: [rumbling sound begins and continues until approximately 15:28:08]
15:27:18.5 HOT-1: ignition, start.
15:27:21.3 HOT-1: I'm starting the APU.15:27:22.4 FWC: [sound of single chime]
15:27:23.2 HOT-1: my aircraft.
15:27:24.0 HOT-2: your aircraft.
15:27:24.4 FWC: [sound of single chime]
15:27:25.0 CAM: [sound similar to electrical noise from engine igniters begins]
15:27:26.5 FWC: priority left. [auto callout from the FWC. this occurs when the sidestick priority button is activated on the Captain's sidestick]
15:27:26.5 FWC: [sound of single chime]
15:27:28.0 CAM: [sound similar to electrical noise from engine igniters ends]
15:27:28.0 HOT-1: get the QRH... [Quick Reference Handbook] loss of thrust on both engines.
15:27:30.0 FWC: [sound of single chime begins and repeats at approximately 5.7 second intervals until 15:27:59]
15:27:32.9 RDO-1: mayday mayday mayday. uh this is uh Cactus fifteen thirty nine hit birds, we've lost thrust (in/on) both engines we're turning back towards LaGuardia.
15:27:42.0 DEP: ok uh, you need to return to LaGuardia? turn left heading of uh two two zero.
15:27:43.0 CAM: [sound similar to electrical noise from engine igniters begins]
15:27:44.0 FWC: [sound of single chime, between the single chimes at 5.7 second intervals
15:27:46.0 RDO-1: two two zero.
15:27:50.0 HOT-2: if fuel remaining, engine mode selector, ignition.* ignition.
15:27:54.0 HOT-1: ignition.
15:27:55.0 HOT-2: thrust levers confirm idle.
15:27:58.0 HOT-1: idle.
15:28:02.0 HOT-2: airspeed optimum relight. three hundred knots. we don't have that.
15:28:03.0 FWC: [sound of single chime]
15:28:05.0 HOT-1: we don't.
15:28:05.0 DEP: Cactus fifteen twenty nine, if we can get it for you do you want to try to land runway one three?
15:28:05.0 CAM-2: if three nineteen-
15:28:10.6 RDO-1: we're unable. we may end up in the Hudson.
15:28:14.0 HOT-2: emergency electrical power... emergency generator not online.
15:28:18.0 CAM: [sound similar to electrical noise from engine igniters ends]
15:28:19.0 HOT-1: (it’s/is) online.
15:28:21.0 HOT-2: ATC notify. squawk seventy seven hundred.
15:28:25.0 HOT-1: yeah. the left one's coming back up a little bit.
15:28:30.0 HOT-2: distress message, transmit. we did.
15:28:31.0 DEP: arright Cactus fifteen forty nine its gonna be left traffic for runway three one.
15:28:35.0 RDO-1: unable.
15:28:36.0 TCAS: traffic traffic.
15:28:36.0 DEP: okay, what do you need to land?
15:28:37.0 HOT-2: (he wants us) to come in and land on one three...for whatever.
15:28:45.0 PWS: go around. windshear ahead.
15:28:45.0 HOT-2: FAC [Flight Augmentation Computer] one off, then on.
15:28:46.0 DEP: Cactus fifteen (twenty) nine runway four's available if you wanna make left traffic to runway four.
15:28:49.9 RDO-1: I'm not sure we can make any runway. uh what's over to our right anything in New Jersey maybe Teterboro?
15:28:55.0 DEP: ok yeah, off your right side is Teterboro airport.
15:28:59.0 TCAS: monitor vertical speed.
15:29:00.0 HOT-2: no relight after thirty seconds, engine master one and two confirm-15:29:02.0 DEP: you wanna try and go to Teterboro?
15:29:03.0 RDO-1: yes.
15:29:05.0 TCAS: clear of conflict.
15:29:07.0 HOT-2: -off.
15:29:07.0 HOT-1: off.
15:29:10.0 HOT-2: wait thirty seconds.
15:29:11.0 PA-1: this is the Captain brace for impact.
15:29:14.9 GPWS: one thousand.
15:29:16.0 HOT-2: engine master two, back on.
15:29:18.0 HOT-1: back on.
15:29:19.0 HOT-2: on.
15:29:21.0 DEP: Cactus fifteen twenty nine turn right two eight zero, you can land runway one at Teterboro.
15:29:21.0 CAM-2: is that all the power you got? * (wanna) number one? or we got power on number one.
15:29:25.0 RDO-1: we can't do it.
15:29:26.0 HOT-1: go ahead, try number one.
15:29:27.0 DEP: kay which runway would you like at Teterboro?
15:29:27.0 FWC: [sound of continuous repetitive chime for 9.6 seconds]
15:29:28.0 RDO-1: we're gonna be in the Hudson.
15:29:33.0 DEP: I'm sorry say again Cactus?
15:29:36.0 HOT-2: I put it back on.
15:29:37.0 FWC: [sound of continuous repetitive chime for 37.4 seconds ]
15:29:37.0 HOT-1: ok put it back on... put it back on.
15:29:37.0 GPWS: too low. terrain.
15:29:41.0 GPWS: too low. terrain.
15:29:43.0 GPWS: too low. terrain.
15:29:44.0 HOT-2: no relight.
15:29:45.4 HOT-1: ok lets go put the flaps out, put the flaps out.
15:29:45.0 EGPWS: caution. terrain.
15:29:48.0 EGPWS: caution terrain.
15:29:48.0 HOT-2: flaps out?
15:29:49.0 EGPWS: terrain terrain. pull up. pull up.
15:29:51.0 DEP: Cactus uh....
15:29:53.0 DEP: Cactus fifteen forty nine radar contact is lost you also got Newark airport off your two o'clock in about seven miles.
15:29:55.0 EGPWS: pull up. pull up. pull up. pull up. pull up. pull up.
15:30:01.0 HOT-2: got flaps out.
15:30:03.0 HOT-2: two hundred fifty feet in the air.
15:30:04.0 GPWS: too low. terrain.
15:30:06.0 GPWS: too low. gear.
15:30:06.0 CAM-2: hundred and seventy knots.
15:30:09.0 CAM-2: got no power on either one? try the other one.
15:30:09.0 4718: two one zero uh forty seven eighteen. I think he said he's goin in the Hudson. 15:30:11.0 HOT-1: try the other one.
15:30:13.0 EGPWS: caution terrain.
15:30:14.0 DEP: Cactus fifteen twenty nine uh, you still on?
15:30:15.0 FWC: [sound of continuous repetitive chime begins and continues to end of recording]15:30:15.0 EGPWS: caution terrain.
15:30:16.0 HOT-2: hundred and fifty knots.
15:30:17.0 HOT-2: got flaps two, you want more?
15:30:19.0 HOT-1: no lets stay at two.
15:30:21.0 HOT-1: got any ideas?
15:30:22.0 DEP: Cactus fifteen twenty nine if you can uh....you got uh runway uh two nine available at Newark it'll be two o'clock and seven miles.
15:30:23.0 EGPWS: caution terrain.
15:30:23.0 CAM-2: actually not.
15:30:24.0 EGPWS: terrain terrain. pull up. pull up. ["pull up" repeats until the end of the recording]
15:30:38.0 HOT-1: we're gonna brace.
15:30:38.0 HOT-2: * * switch?
15:30:40.0 HOT-1: yes.
15:30:41.1 GPWS: (fifty or thirty)
15:30:42.0 FWC: retard.
15:30:43.7 [End of Recording]
15:30:43.7 [End of Transcript]
HOT-1: Hot microphone 1 (captain)
HOT-2: Hot microphone 2 (first officer)RDO: radio transmissions from US1549DEP: radio
transmissions from La Guardia Departure Control
CAM: cockpit area microphones
4718: radio transmission from flight Eagle 4718
FWC: flight warning computer
TCAS: traffic and collision avoidance system
PWS: predicitive windshear system
GPWS: ground proximity warning system
EGPWS: enhanced ground proximity warning system

Flightpath map by flightaware:

Radar return list by flightaware:

FAA Transcript with pictures in PDF file format http://www.ntsb.gov/Dockets/Aviation/DCA09MA026/420471.pdf

flight data recorder analysis with graphs in PDF file format

The FAA have released the audio recordings of New York's La Guardia Delivery, Ground, Tower and Departure frequencies involving flight US1549 as well as the frequency of Teterboro.

The Aviation Herald has put an edited version of the departure frequency containing only the crucial minutes online:

4MB, the FAA original tape, 19MB 20:20Z-20:40Z).

The according FAA transcript is available, too: http://avherald.com/files/us1549_tracon_transcript_090115.pdf

Additional recordings:LGA Clearance Delivery (20:00Z-20:20Z):

LGA Ground Control (19:58Z-20:25Z):http://avherald.com/files/us1549_ground_090115.mp3

Class Bravo Airspace, covering the Hudson River, several aircraft watching the ditching and reporting to ATC (20:19Z-21:04Z):

ATIS recordings (20:00Z-21:30Z):

3MB, no transcript)Teterboro tower controller recordings (20:24Z-20:50Z):

Transcript of Supervisor station:

LGA Cab Coordinator Position (20:20Z-21:00Z):

39MB, Transcript:

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