01 April 2009

Airline worker flies NY to Boston in baggage hold

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See "what had happened was..." This does happen from time to time with ramp agents! Funny and a little unerving for the baggage handler too...when he or she wakes up! If it's cold outside, a quick nap between bags being loaded is a welcomed sight. However this is the potential outcome if your a heavy sleeper. This is a funny story, it can and does happen and usually nobody gets hurt! (I wonder if he is still considered on the clock???)

Well anyway, Remember to "Be Proactive, Not Reactive" and enjoy your trip!!!


by Copy editor Steve Robb
in News on Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 at 12:44 am

BOSTON (AP) - A JetBlue employee says he took a free flight from New York to Boston - after falling asleep in a plane’s cargo bin.

See how small the cargo bin is!

Not the actual Ramp Agent!!!
The man was discovered by baggage handlers at Logan International Airport after the plane landed there Saturday. He told police he’d been accidentally locked inside the pressurized luggage compartment while taking a nap.

I had to put this pic in because it's just a great shot!

The 21-year-old man says he called JetBlue Airways officials when he realized he was no longer on the ground.

This is not the ramp agent but it gives you an idea of the baggage compartment size

A state police spokesman says the man wasn’t charged with any crime and was returned to New York when it was determined he wasn’t dangerous.

JetBlue Airways Corp. says it’s investigating.


The Flying Pinto said...

Thank God the compartment was pressurized: )Funny story, great to hear from you......

Where have ya been?

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