20 February 2009

Woman Misses Flight, Throws Tantrum at Hong Kong Int. Airport

Hello All BlkAv8tor2003 Checking In,

If you don't listen to anything I say trust me this is exactly what not to do if you miss your flight. A woman missing her flight and completely losing it. Airline employees can sometimes be sympathetic and even pull a few tricks out of a hat but if you act like a complete fool and go crazy, they won't help you a bit! It's funny to watch this spectacle but this happens more time than you think but this one of the few times someone caught it on video! Watch and enjoy a good laugh!!!

Remember to "Be Proactive And Not Reactive" and enjoy your flight!!!


This is the hilarious moment a woman throws a massive tantrum in front of stunned airport staff after she is told she has missed her flight.

The Chinese woman runs at Hong Kong Airport staff pushing them out of the way as she screams and sobs hysterically.

As workers try to calm her down she pounds the check-in desk before collapsing to the ground.

She then starts kicking, with her arms flailing, and refuses to get up despite attempts from a male friend.

We just hope she managed to get on the next flight...


GWMc7e said...

while she is clearly out of control, one should remember that without sufficient information, we could be laughing at someone who just got word of a dieing parent or child in a hospital somewhere with no hope of lasting through the night, and now no new flights till tomorrow.

The Flying Pinto said...

That's hysterical, and so wasn't your comment to daily nugget, I'm still cracking up at that one...thanks for giving it to him!!!