21 November 2008

Shoe Scanners Being Tested at LAX, Albuquerque

Posted by Matt Phillips

November 20, 2008, 9:32 am

Our readers often cite shoe removal as one of the most annoying elements of TSA security screenings.
So I figured I should pass along a bit of info I picked up on Monday when I got to sit down with Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and TSA Administrator Kip Hawley (more on that soon) during a meeting the officials held with a group of bloggers.
We recently told you that the TSA’s hunt for a high-functioning shoe-scanner has been unfruitful so far. In October 2007, the TSA concluded a trial of a GE-made shoe scanner at Orlando International Airport, saying the device did not “meet minimum detection standards.” The manufacturer is continuing to work on the scanner. The TSA is also testing options from other manufacturers.
During the meeting Monday, Hawley mentioned that shoe scanners — made by a different manufacturer than GE — are currently in testing at LAX as well as Albuquerque International. So if you’re heading through there any time soon, keep your eyes peeled.
While we’re on the subject of shoe-removal, I might as well mention that the TSA is in the early stages of a new advertising push — — in conjunction with the Ad Council — which seeks to explain some of the thinking behind unpopular policies such as liquids in baggies and shoe removals. You can keep your eyes peeled for them too.
Image: Poster for “I Wouldn’t Be In Your Shoes,” 1948, Via Everett Digital

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